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Zuckerman's Pest Management

Zuckerman's Pest Management

Zuckerman's Pest Management

Zuckerman's Pest ManagementZuckerman's Pest Management

Services we offer & what we are about

Responsible Pest Control

 As professionals in the field for over a decade, we feel very strongly about our mission, and we have a passion for responsible pest management. 

  • We will not treat ANY honey bee nests, if we find honey bees during a treatment or inspection, we are happy to refer you to a Bee Keeper who can safely remove them without harm to the colony. 
  • We do not treat flowers and bushes, we treat the perimeter and mulch beds, avoiding the pollination plants. Treating flowering bushes directly harms honey bees and does little to help control pests.
  • We do not believe in over-applying our products. We will use the best products in the areas needed and offer guarantee follow-ups in case of persistent issues. 
  • We treat exteriors during low wind and no precipitation days. This avoids runoff and wind drift which is a source of water contamination. 
  • We will ONLY offer humane removal & repairs to the entry points for large wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, bats & other critters in attics and crawlspaces. We do not trap & euthanize. We repair the home so the critters can not re-enter.
  • We will never intentionally treat over your vegetable garden. If you have one PLEASE make sure to point this out!
  • We take pride in offering non-product related solutions to your pest control issues where possible, and recommending repairs, changes or solutions to the issue at hand.  


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