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Zuckerman's Pest Management

Zuckerman's Pest Management

multi family housing & shared living situations

We are happy to extend our Annual Bed bug Warranty Program to multi-family housing and shared living situations, however, it is very important that all tenants and individuals living in the home are aware of the program details and requirements in order to maintain the warranty. Our program was initially built for single-family homes that accept the responsibility of the preparations but quickly became popular with landlords and owner-occupied multi-person homes/buildings since we offer such an extensive warranty. All units under the contract must be treated at the same time for the pricing and warranty listed in this program. If units will be treated separately or contracted at different times, a base pricing of $795 per unit will apply. 

Our program offers a full year warranty to fully eradicate bed bugs in the property. We provide 2 full treatments 7 weeks apart, and we follow up 7 weeks later for a full inspection. If any activity is found at the 3rd inspection or within the year warranty, another treatment for the entire building is then scheduled at no cost to you. Our program is designed to eradicate activity as fast as possible at the lowest possible cost to the client. In order to maintain this pricing & warranty, we have a strict treatment interval, high-quality products, long appointment times for detailed treatments & an extensive preparation list for the client. By following the program, we can ensure eradication and can place a long warranty on the program! 

If you need assistance with preparations, drying clothing, or vacuuming the home, we offer preparation services that are fully customized and priced based on what is needed in the building. A free inspection is required in order to send out any quotes for preparation services. For more information on preparation services, please scroll down to click "Back to Basics" and select the Preparation services on the next page!

Multi Family / Apartment Bed bug Treatments
Multi Family / Apartment Bed bug Treatments

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