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Our bed bug program, FAQ and preparations

The Basics...

Do I have Bed bugs? 

If you have visually seen bed bugs in your home, you have bed bugs. The extent of the infestation can vary based on many factors.

DO I need an inspection? 

If you are unsure if you have bed bugs, a professional inspection can be very helpful. We can inspect and point out any live activity if we find it! If you have seen any live bed bugs, you do not need an inspection as we do not charge by the size of the home, level of infestation or any other varying factor. 

Do I need treatment? 

If you have live activity in your home, you need treatment. This will prevent it from spreading and will eliminate the current issue. Without treatment they will spread quickly. 

Why do you do more than one treatment on your year guarantee program? 

Bed bugs are usually present in the many stages of life including eggs. Eggs can take several weeks to hatch after treatment, and although there is a residual product in the home after treatment, a booster treatment will speed up the process and guarantee elimination. Depending on the level of infestation, we may not be able to conquer with one single application which is why we include as many treatments as needed in our year-long guarantee.  

Why don’t you use heat?

Our biggest reason for not using heat is due to the cost involved, with a higher cost, we have to charge much higher prices. We prefer to use residual products that will keep working after we leave, too many heat treatments are unsuccessful and leave the consumer with no residual to battle what is left. Clients of ours who tried heat treatments with no success have also gone on the explain the damages they were left with. Cracked wood furniture, flood due to the wax ring on a toilet melting… and still they came to us with bed bugs after 2 heat treatments. We prefer to stick to the way we know is tried and true, but more importantly – AFFORDABLE to the consumer. 

How long will the process take to eliminate the bed bugs?

This is a tough one to answer simply because of the many factors that can affect this. 

 *** If you treat your entire home within 2 weeks of first exposure to bed bugs, there is a great chance that one application will conquer the issue. 

 *** The longer the infestation has been in the home, the longer it will take to eliminate all live activity.

 *** The longer the infestation has been in the home, the more unhatched eggs there are.

 *** Once a bed bug comes in contact with a treated surface, it takes several hours to two days to die. 

 *** A female bed bug can lay up to 10 eggs a day, thus the cycle is a rapid one. 

 *** Eggs take 2.5-5 weeks to hatch the new generation, therefore it is critical that we come back at 6 weeks to lay a fresh application/booster treatment to help speed the process along. 

 *** Treating with over the counter products and powders will COVER our treatment and delay the complete elimination. 

 *** On average is takes 2-3 treatments 6-8 weeks apart to fully conquer a fully developed infestation. 

Is it normal to see bed bugs after treatment?

Yes, it is normal to see live activity between treatments. The activity should reduce over the course of the 6 weeks before the second treatment and should continue to reduce rapidly after the second treatment. Sometimes a third treatment is needed. It is also common to notice an INCREASE in activity in the week following the treatment as they come out of the woodwork and begin to come in contact with the treated surfaces. 

Can I sleep in my bed after treatment?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, it is recommended to help speed up the elimination of the bed bugs. They come out at night to feed when humans (emitting carbon monoxide) are present and thus they come in contact with the treated surfaces and die. They must come out of hiding to come in contact with the product in order for the treatment to be successful. If a room is vacant, they won’t come out. Bed bugs can live up to 6 months without feeding on a human. 

Do I really need mattress covers on all my mattresses and box springs?

Encasements should be put on mattresses and box springs. Any surviving bed bugs in the mattress or box spring will not be able to escape the encasement or bite. Encasements also prevent bed bugs living in other parts of the room from establishing themselves in the mattress or box spring. These encasements will prevent any newly hatched bed bugs from biting you or getting out and will prevent surviving bed bugs from migrating back into the bed.

What can I do if I see live bed bugs between treatments?

You can vacuum them up, physically kill them, or just keep note of the activity levels you have been seeing in each room week to week, so you can update your pest professional at the next treatment. 

Why do you offer a 365-day guarantee?

We offer this mostly for peace of mind. 90% of infestations are eliminated with the 2-3 treatments set up. We have run in to cases where additional treatments were needed due to the number of items in the home, the construction of the home or furniture, the extreme severity of the infestation or the client’s ability to prep the house as needed. We back up our work and will come out every 6 weeks as directed by the label until the infestation is gone completely! 



Before Service

* ALL firearms must be locked in a gun safe or removed from the property. Please ensure no firearms remain under mattresses, under beds, in drawers or in closets.

* Zippered mattress & box spring encasements are critical & it is important to buy a quality mattress protector and avoid tears.  Vinyl covers should be avoided as they easily tear and will need to be replaced immediately. Quality bed bug mattress & box-spring encasements ensure a full seal on the zipper (Velcro, zip tie or other methods). These can be purchased through Zuckerman’s Pest Management or privately at retail stores. Any zippered mattress and box-spring encasements purchased through Zuckerman’s Pest Management can be installed by our service professionals.

* Mattress and Box-spring encasements should NOT be installed prior to treatment or should be removed prior to treatment if already installed.

* Strip the bed(s) and launder all sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, and blankets.

* Remove the dust cover (lining) from the bottom of box springs, couches, armchairs, and recliners. (dust cloth is the thin fabric stapled down to the underside of the furniture) 

* Vacuum all the debris out of & under the couches, love seats, recliners, armchairs and similar furniture seating between pillows, sides, cracks & crevices remove all toys and such from underneath, cracks & crevices as well.

* Remove everything from dresser drawers, nightstands, dressing tables & bedroom closet(s) and place in plastic bags or sealed totes.

* Remove ALL shoes, toys & other items from behind dressers, under beds, under couches, and anywhere else they have been hiding.

* Remove everything from linen closets and other coat/hallway closets and place in plastic bags or sealed totes.

* Have all clothing and fabrics laundered or dry cleaned during or after treatment.

* Remove drapes and have them laundered, dry cleaned, or replaced.

* Discard cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, paper and plastic bags, old newspapers, stacks of magazines, and similar items in infested rooms.

* Vacuum (or sweep) all infested rooms. Besides the floor, also vacuum mattresses, box-springs, couches, chairs, closets and closet shelves, shoes, inside dresser draws, and bedside table drawers. Vacuum bags are to be placed in a plastic bag and discarded.

* Some furniture may be required to be moved, this will be discussed with your technician at time of service.

* Cover fish tanks with wet towels and turn off pumps until reoccupying home.

* Remove all non-caged pets & all caged pets (birds, reptiles, hamsters) before service is rendered.0

***All persons and all pets will need to be out of the home during the treatment and for an additional 3 hours after treatment is complete for your safety. This will typically mean 5-7 hours out of the home.

After Service

* Install mattress and box spring encasements on all beds and box springs upon returning to the home.

* If you purchased mattress and box spring encasements from Zuckerman's Pest Management, and these are in stock the day of treatment, we will have installed these at the time of service after treating the mattresses and box-springs.

* Make the beds as you would on a regular basis, but wash or at least DRY the linen every 3-4 days on high heat for 40 min. This will help eliminate new nesting sites as the infestation clears.

* You must sleep in your beds as you normally would, this will encourage the bed bugs to come out from the nooks and crannies in the home and go over the treated surfaces. The sooner the eggs hatch and the live adults come out, the faster they die, and the infestation is cleared.


* Discarding of any compromised (ripped I torn) materials or heavily infested items may be required.

* Should the box spring remain, removal of the cheesecloth underside is required for proper inspection and/or application.

* When laundering, a hot water & detergent cycle is recommended, a dryer MUST be used for a minimum of 40 min oh high heat.

* A clutter-free environment must be provided to allow access for the technician to treat all areas.

* Before removing all bagged items, the client should inspect for pest activity.

* “Booster” insecticide treatments MUST NOT be performed by the client. These requirements are set by the manufacturer of the products used, which in turn are state and federal law. Pesticide product labels provide critical information about how to safely and legally handle and use pesticide products. Unlike most other types of product labels, pesticide labels are legally enforceable, and all of them carry the statement: “It is a violation of Federal

law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.” In other words, the label is the law. A copy of all SDS and labels are available upon request.



By filling out the form, we can get you a full copy of our agreement, pricing on bed bug mattress protectors, finance agreement terms and more. No obligation!  


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